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Squadron Members Attend Wings of Dreams Fly-In Breakfast

posted Nov 6, 2018, 8:50 AM by David Froiseth

Saturday, November 3rd, was the monthly Wings of Dreams Fly-In Drive-in Breakfast at the Keystone Heights airport.  Senior Members Ben Henderson, 1st Lieutenant Chad Tripp and Major Lawrence Oshins flew the Gainesville Composite Squadron Cessna 182 to the airport, arriving early.  In the photo, C/2nd Lt. Elijah T. R. Cook directs them where to park.  In the foreground is Cadet Zachary Byrne in the foreground.

The airport was constructed in 1942 as Crystal Lake Airfield, and was commissioned in December 1942 as Keystone Army Airfield (AAF). It was used as part of the Air University's Army Air Forces School of Applied Tactics (AAFSAT) tactical combat simulation school.   The F3 Havoc, P39D (variant) Air Cobra, and L-2 and L-3 Grasshopper Light Observation Aircraft were some of the Aircraft utilized for training.  In November of 1943, the 313th Fighter Squadron moved from Alachua and employed P40 Warhawks for training. Later, the P40s were replaced with P47 Thunderbolts.  After the end of World War II, the facility was turned over to the City of Keystone Heights in 1947.

The Fly-in Drive-in Breakfast buffet benefits the Wings of Dreams Aviation and Space museum.  Breakfast begins at 8AM, first come first served.  Cost is $7 per person, $4 for children 9 and under.  The breakfast is complimentary for WWII and Korean War veterans.  The breakfast buffet includes: scrambled eggs, sausage, pancakes, cheese grits, biscuits, fruit, juice and coffee.