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Orientation Flight Support

posted Jun 30, 2018, 4:37 PM by David Froiseth

Capt Chad Schulze, TFO Ben Henderson and TFO Chad Tripp assisted in organizing the logistics and operations for cadet orientation flights at the 2018 Florida Summer Encampment.  TFOs Henderson and Tripp organized and coordinated 32 powered orientation flights and 11 glider orientation flights.  On the day of the event Capt Schulze flew the most sorties out of any other pilot, totaling seven.  Prior to the flights, TFO Henderson cross country aero-towed the CAP glider to the Keystone, FL airport.  

“It has been a busy week but the Gainesville squadron has proven to be more than capable of supporting CAP operations with the few members it has” said TFO Tripp.  “Our unit has distinguished itself for having quality over quantity.”