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Gainesville Civil Air Patrol Color Guard takes First Place at Florida Wing Competition

posted Dec 7, 2011, 5:07 PM by William McCombie

The weekend of November 11-13 was a busy one for members of the Gainesville Composite Squadron of Civil Air Patrol. Following the Veteran's Day observances at Kanapaha Park, seven cadets from the squadron made a trip down to Patrick Air Force Base to participate in the CAP Cadet Competition.

The Cadet Competition consists of several events that test nine color guard teams and three drill teams from around Florida, challenges middle and high school aged cadets both mentally and physically in events such as indoor and outdoor practice drills, uniform inspection, standard drill, a panel quiz, written exam, mile run, and volleyball. Six cadets from Gainesville participated as a color guard team, with Isaac Redmond and Hunter Wood carrying the flags, Stephanie Redmond and Hannah Eades as guards, Michael Redmond as an alternate, and Tyler Gwynn as a coach. According to Isaac Redmond, the competition is “an Intensive battle of the mind against the best in Florida Wing”. The Gainesville squadron does not presently have a complete drill team, but Gainesville squadron member Tiffany Jakowczuk joined with 12 other cadets from around Florida to form a team known as “Group 13”.

Both the Gainesville Color Guard team and Group 13 scored first place in their respective categories, with the Color Guard team achieving first place in two of the seven events, including the Mile Run and the Panel Quiz and placing second or third in three others. The Panel Quiz tested each team's knowledge of aerospace related topics against other teams in a fashion similar to a game of “Jeopardy!”. The Mile Run measures the team's combined time running around a track. Isaac Redmond lead the team, achieving the Fleet Foot award, which recognizes the fastest time (5:11) on the mile run.

The Gainesville cadets have practiced regularly for the competition since the current team was formed eight months ago. “They practiced once or twice a week for the last three months, and every day for the last week. Now that’s dedication” said Laura Eades, mother of Hannah Eades and also a member of the squadron. “They are self motivated, which is a wonderful thing to have for something that takes so much dedication”. The team is not done yet - the Southeast Region Color Guard competition is in March 2012 at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama, where they will represent the Florida Wing. “Their training will become harder and they will need to prepare for the next level”

Top: Cadets are judged based on their ability to perform color guard related activities
Bottom: First place Florida Wing Drill Team (Group 13) and Color Guard (Gainesville)