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Chief Minck Helps With Hurricane Irma Cleanup

posted Nov 9, 2017, 12:02 PM by David Froiseth

The Tioga Times recently had an article in it about cadet Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt) Isaac Minck’s contribution to the Tioga clean-up efforts after hurricane Irma.  Chief Minck, a ninth grader who worked the chainsaw that day, has always had an interest in emergency management and the military, and his drive to help others inspired him to lend a hand during the Tioga clean-up.  “I have developed a love for search and rescue and serving the community” said CMSgt Minck, who has been a member of CAP for two years.  Interestingly, the work group found that a tree had fallen between two houses rather than on them, and one of those houses was CMSgt Minck’s first house after he was born.  Our squadron is proud of Chief Minck’s contribution to the cleanup, and representing CAP so well.