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Cadet CMSgt Kiker Attends E-Tech Robotics

posted Aug 4, 2018, 9:41 AM by David Froiseth

In June Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Ned Kiker attended E-Tech robotics at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) just outside of Nashville.  E-Tech robotics is a National Cadet Special Activity (NCSA) that cadets must compete for to attend.  The activity introduces cadets to several aerospace and engineering disciplines by completing hands-on projects and learning from professors whose work has garnered national and world-wide notice.  Most faculty are pilots in addition to having a field of specialization. 

According to Chief Kiker “we learned about robotics and how it has changed and helped the world.  We also learned how to fly and build quad-copters using cardboard and balsa wood.  We got to tour the campus and learn about the technology programs that are offered at MTSU.  I made many friends there, and I hope to go next year as staff to help the new cadets learn what I leaned and have fun.  Speaking of fun, the residence hall at MTSU was perfectly laid out as an interior Nerf battle space.  We set up teams and had colossal Nerf wars once our work was done.  It wasn't part of the curriculum as such, but one of the best parts of CAP Summer Activities is meeting up with youth from all over the country who have similar interests to you.  The people I have met through CAP are some of the highest quality individuals I have ever met."

Do you want to pursue careers in engineering technology?  Are you interested in cutting-edge aerospace technologies?  Are you considering becoming an engineer, but you’re unsure of your aptitude, or even what engineers do?  If that sounds like you, then you should attend E-Tech robotics.